Missing Cheyenne Woman Reported Safe in Florida

Cindy “CJ” Caldwell told friends she was surprised to learn she was missing

Cindy "CJ" Caldwell, 34, contacted her friend, Sarah VanRensselaer, on July 14 to say she was safe and currently living in central Florida. VanRensselaer had reported her missing in late June. (Courtesy photo from Sarah VanRensselaer)

By Jennifer Kocher

Special to the Wyoming Truth

A Cheyenne woman who had been reported missing in June has been safely located in central Florida.

Cindy “CJ” Caldwell, 34, called her longtime childhood friend, Sarah VanRensselaer, on July 14 to let her know she and her dog were both safe. VanRensselaer had reported Caldwell missing to the Cheyenne Police Department on June 28, after she hadn’t heard from her for nearly a month. The two had last spoken on June 7, and VanRennsselaer grew concerned after Caldwell’s cell phone was found on the street near the Cheyenne apartment she had recently vacated.

Caldwell, who is currently in an undisclosed location in central Florida, contacted  VanRensselaer after a Florida woman spotted her and told her via Facebook that police were looking for her. The woman recently read a July 7 Wyoming Truth story about Caldwell’s mysterious disappearance, prompting her to tag Caldwell on Facebook. 

When Caldwell finally logged onto Facebook nearly a month after leaving Wyoming, she was shocked to learn that she had been reported missing and that so many people were concerned about her whereabouts.

“She said she just really needed a vacation and didn’t think to tell anyone she was leaving,” VanRensselaer said, declining to provide details out of respect for Caldwell’s privacy.

VanRensselaer said Caldwell cried when she learned how many people cared about her.

“It didn’t dawn on her to tell anyone she was going off the grid, because she didn’t think anyone would care,” VanRensselaer said.

Since the two friends reconnected on Friday, they have spoken daily on the phone and video chatted.

VanRensselaer said she provided the Cheyenne Police Department with video evidence that Caldwell is safe and in Florida on her own volition.

Cheyenne Police Captain David Janes did not immediately respond to voicemail and email requests for verification. However, Caldwell is no longer listed in the Wyoming Department of Criminal Investigation’s missing person database.

Caldwell declined a request for comment through VanRensselaer.

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