Police Apprehend Student Who Reportedly Brought Gun to Natrona County High School

Student will face discipline under the school district’s “extreme behavior guidelines”

Pictured above is Natrona County High School. A student allegedly brought a gun to the school on the afternoon of Oct. 7. (Courtesy photo from Natrona County School District)

By Shen Wu Tan

Special to the Wyoming Truth

Police apprehended a student who reportedly brought a gun to Natrona County High School Friday afternoon.  

The high school received a report around 12:15 p.m. from a student that another student had a gun in their possession, according to a Facebook post from Natrona County School District.  

School staff and law enforcement removed the student identified in the report and their belongings from the classroom. Law enforcement and high school officials then kept the student in custody.  

No lockout was called due to the “expeditious manner” in which the high school staff and Casper Police Department responded to the report, the school district statement said. The high school did not receive a report of the student “brandishing the gun on campus.”  

The student will face discipline in accordance with the district’s “extreme behavior guidelines,” the school district noted.  

“School safety is a priority of the Natrona County School District,” Superintendent Mike Jennings said in a statement. “We want to acknowledge the individual who brought this information forward. We appreciate their courage and understanding that reporting any known or perceived safety concerns is critically important. In addition, we want to thank the NCHS [Natrona County High School] administration and Casper Police Department for their exceptional professionalism and dedicated action to ensure student and staff safety.” 

Since there is an ongoing law enforcement investigation, the district said it would not offer more details at this time.  

The Natrona County School District did not provide additional comments to the Wyoming Truth. 

The Wyoming Truth also reached out to the Casper Police Department, but did not receive more information. 

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