The Teton Truth Launches Watchdog and News Operation

Nonprofit nonpartisan group fights against wrongful convictions and other injustices.

The Teton Truth
PO Box 1049
Laramie, WY 82073

JACKSON, Wyo.–The Teton Truth has launched as a nonpartisan, nonprofit watchdog and news operation dedicated to helping the community and protecting the rights of local citizens against wrongful convictions and other injustices.

The Teton Truth is debuting a website,, that offers news and other helpful information and resources for members of the community from the moment they are confronted with a criminal proceeding, corruption or another kind of injustice. We seek to help people when they have the best chance to combat an injustice–before it is crystalized in a formal proceeding.

As such, we have a tip line, where people can write, email or call us through Signal, a secure, encrypted phone line, about any injustice they are facing. (Please see contact information above.)

The Teton Truth is also launching a vibrant state-wide news operation, where we intend to keep people throughout Wyoming informed of injustices through investigative articles, op-eds, columns, editorials and other features.

The Teton Truth is a 501(c)(4) nonprofit, which means we aim to help the community by keeping people informed about not just injustices but about politics and elections in the community.

The Teton Truth has also inaugurated a summer internship program where college and graduate students examined issues of injustice in the community.

The Teton Truth was founded by longtime Teton County residents and veterans of criminal justice reform who came together because of their own harrowing experiences with injustice and our own desire to make a difference.

The founders and advisory board members of the Teton Truth include a number of accomplished attorneys, members of the business community and experts in criminal justice issues. For more information, please visit, or contact Alec Klein, president and co-founder of the Teton Truth, or Mike Crothers, co-founder and board member, at the above phone number, email or mailing address.

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