Wyoming Wonders: NYC Fashion Maven Weaves Chic Sensibility Into Stylish Ski Accessories for the Wyoming Slopes

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  • Last Updated: Dec 12, 2022

By Amber Gibson

Special to the Wyoming Truth

Jillian Moorhead’s diamond-quilted neck gaiters are fast becoming the hottest accessory on the Wyoming ski slopes. Made with water-resistant recycled nylon and lined with sustainable Mongolian cashmere with Primaloft® gold insulation for warmth, Moorhead’s Powder Puff Collection wraps and pullovers—in a kaleidoscope of colors and prints—are peeking out from ski jackets and appearing over sweaters.   

Company founder Jillian Moorhead, of Jackson Hole, models one of her Powder Puff Collection designs. She launched her luxury accessories line in 2020. (Courtesy photo from Powder Puff Collection) 

Moorhead designs all of the prints herself, drawing inspiration from Wyoming’s beautiful landscapes and her surroundings in Jackson Hole. “There’s a watercolor print that reminds me of a Teton sunset,” she said. “And I have these white butterflies against a blue background that remind me of snowflakes on the bright blue sky when you’re skiing.”

Moorhead moved to Jackson Hole seven years ago when she married Clay Moorhead, a Wyoming native who works as a ski instructor and fishing guide. The couple dated long distance for a while, after meeting through mutual friends. At the time, Moorhead lived in New York and oversaw the in-store assortment of the Ralph Lauren brand for luxury retailers like Saks Fifth Avenue and Neiman Marcus.

“I would come out and visit Jackson, and I fell in love with the winter,” she recalled. “I love to ski, skate and sled. I’ll get excited about any snow activity. I’m not a big hiker or angler, but as I’ve lived here, I’ve gotten more into the summer activities, too. I still like the winters more though.” 

Powder Puff wraps like this pink one are hand quilted and lined with cashmere. Prices range from $155 to $175. (Courtesy photo from Powder Puff Collection) 

After graduating from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City, Moorhead worked in the shoe department at the House of Chanel and then spent 15 years at Ralph Lauren, launching Polo for Women. Now, she’s translating her high-fashion sales skills into her own business.

Currently, e-commerce is Powder Puff Collection’s primary sales channel, but Moorhead also markets her accessories in smaller boutiques throughout the country. This season, she launched with Gorsuch’s stores in Vail, Park City and Aspen. Prices range from $155 to $175 for the adult line; children’s neck warmers cost $68.

Powder Puff Collection developed organically after Moorhead spent several years in Wyoming. “I love being outside with the kids and skiing,” said Moorhead, mother to three children between the ages of one and six. “But I was cold, and I wanted to create a neck warmer that was stylish and functional.”

In 2020, as Moorhead was launching Powder Puff Collection, she showed samples to the buyer at Teton Village Sports at Jackson Hole Mountain Resort, who agreed to carry the luxury accessory line. That first year, she sold a few hundred neck warmers—her entire inventory at the time.  

Models show off Powder Puff children’s line, which retails for $68. (Courtesy photo from Powder Puff Collection) 

“It gave me the confidence to think this could be a business,” said Moorhead, who now sells several thousand neck warmers annually.

As she contemplates business expansion, Moorhead may branch into custom work for schools and country clubs, with her products featuring the organizations’ colors and logos.  

“Even if you aren’t outdoorsy, so many moms are watching their kids ski or play hockey, and it’s a nice addition to your wardrobe,” she said.  

For now, Moorhead is a one-woman show, although she works with local photographers and a Jackson Hole embroiderer for monogram requests.

“During the holidays, when they know there’s a lot of shipping, my kids are good helpers,” Moorhead said. “They know how to put stickers on packages. They’re my best models, too. My 6-year-old is so cute. He always wears the kids’ product and tells all of his friends about them.”

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