Human Skull Found in Gillette Storage Unit Identified as Male

Authorities determining whether skull is affiliated with crime

The Gillette Police Department is currently trying to determine whether a male skull found in an abandoned storage unit on Oct. 25 is the result of a crime. (Photo via the City of Gillette's Facebook page)

By Jennifer Kocher

Special to the Wyoming Truth

GILLETTE, Wyo.­–Authorities have determined that a human skull found in an abandoned storage unit in Gillette on Wednesday is likely that of a male.

The skull was turned over to police by the new owner of the storage unit who cleaned it out on Oct. 25.

A review by a forensic pathologist has determined that the skull is likely that of a Caucasian male between the age of 30-50, according to Brent Wasson, Gillette Deputy Chief of Police.

At this point, Wasson noted on Friday, there is still no indication the skull is related to criminal activity, though it is still under investigation.

It is not illegal in the United States to sell and possess human bones, according to the Bone Room, an online retailer that sells both human and animal bones. The exceptions to this rule are protected archaeological resources that fall under protection of the Native American Graves Protection and Repatriation Act.

The Wyoming Truth will update this story as more information becomes available.

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